2019 Spanish Immersion Vacation


Take your kids on an amazing Spanish Immersion Vacation!

You've already made a big commitment to either enroll them in a language learning program or teach them a second language yourself.  This summer, don't let them forget all the Spanish they've already learned.  Instead, give them an experience that takes their language skills to a whole new level!

Join us for the 2019

Spanish Immersion Vacation

Spend one week in a beautiful beach destination and

immerse your child in the local culture and language

(Spanish of course!). 

**This program is designed for kids enrolled in a Spanish Immersion or Dual Language school program entering grades 1 thru 6. This is not a beginner's Spanish program.**

During this one week vacation, they will:

  • Spend their days speaking Spanish in a fun and exciting program

  • Experience a Spanish-Only curriculum in music, art, food, history and culture 

  • Participate in activities that include plenty of beach, water, and sun

  • Be exposed to one of a kind cultural and volunteer opportunities

  • Make friendships with local children they'll remember forever

  • Have a unique, educational, and fun time - and all in Spanish!


It truly is a vacation like no other!


*A parent or guardian must accompany the child for the duration of the vacation as listed below.  

Parents Can Enjoy Their Vacation, Too!

While your child has an experience to brag about all year, you can spend your vacation relaxing and enjoying yourself instead of stressing to make sure your kids are having a safe, fun time


Relax, relax, relax - Enjoy days at the beach, pool, spa, golf course, bed, shopping or whatever you dream, at our all-inclusive, highly-rated resort


Quality family time - after a day of relaxing for you and a jam-packed day of fun for them, come back together for dinner as a family to share stories of the day - trust us, distance does make the heart grow fonder! 


Encourage their learning - participate in our welcome and good-bye events to show your child their Spanish journey is important and encourage them to make the most of it



At the end of your trip, you'll be able to go home feeling rejuvenated and your child buzzing with all the fun they had. 


It's truly a WIN WIN!



I'm so happy you're considering joining us on this adventure! Let me tell you a bit about why we're here...


I believe strongly that helping our children learn languages is an important step towards raising a generation of culturally savvy and globally sensitive children that will one day change the world.


I created this program with my own family's needs in mind and am so excited to share it with yours. I no longer want to waste our vacations fighting over whether we go to the beach, hang out at the pool or make another run to the buffet 8 days in a row. Nevermind that I come home more exhausted than we left from chasing our kids around a resort.


Instead, I want to give our kids an opportunity to deepen their language learning, have authentic cultural experiences and make memories that will influence the rest of their lives. 


Oh, and how about a little time on my own to recharge?  Because everyone is happier when I'm relaxed! 🤣

So please join us and make this summer vacation your best yet.


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Meet The Team


Kathy Guzman Galloway

Program Director

Kathy has dreamt of bringing this program to life for several years.  She is the founder of DualLanguageFamily.com - a blog for families in immersion programs - and has 15+ years of experience as a successful Marketing Strategist. She has an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin.


Kathy has brought her creativity & passion to make the Summer Immersion Vacation a reality.  She leads the vision, planning and experiential components of the trip. 


She is mami to two wonderful daughters, Amalia 11 and Laila 9.  Both girls have spent their school years in a Dual Language program, learning in both English and Spanish.  Kathy has spent the last 7 years learning the tough lessons of raising bilingual kids in a very English-forward world and how to encourage their love of language despite it.  She and her husband Mike are raising them in a happy home just outside of Dallas. 

Noelia Diaz Castillo

Educational Director

Noelia has been an educator all her life.  Even as a child she loved caring for younger ones and playing teacher.  As an adult, she has spent the last 10 years in education as a bilingual teacher and more recently as an Educational Diagnostician. Noelia has a masters degree in special education from Sam Houston University. 


Noelia leads the educational curriculum for our Summer Immersion Vacation.  She brings an educator's eye to help balance the fun with fact-based educational philosophies and strategies to ensure our kid campers are learning as much as they can.  


She is mami to Maximo, her 5-year-old son.  She and her husband Joel have raised a truly bilingual and bicultural son, and are well on their way to biliteracy as he embarks on the journey of reading as a kindergartener. Their family calls Houston, TX home. 


Oh, and she happens to be Kathy's sister. 😉

Kids Sample Itinerary


Travel and arrival


Family time and evening kick off event


Visit the beach for a nature hunt, then learn about local music with percussion instruments


Learn about local dances and foods at the pool


Trip to nearby school to assemble and pass out school supplies to local children


Back to the beach for fun activities, a family celebration & graduation


Free day for the family to spend together


Travel home

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and be on your way to the best vacation ever!!