Why We Love Duolingo

As a Dual Language family, we are always on the hunt for ways to make language learning fun and accessible. "Fun and accessible" happen to be the exact qualities driving the popular language-learning platform, Duolingo.

Duolingo is a website and app that gives its users access to courses in 32 different languages. You may be familiar with their base product, the language learning app, but did you know they also have several other really cool products?

For example, stories.duolingo.com has a fantastic program for increasing fluency that is even better than the language learning app. It takes you sentence by sentence through a story, providing translations for each word and an audio track in a native accent. Questions are built in to make sure you're following along and it ends with more questions to build on your learning. It's an excellent tool for kiddos in Dual Language who already have quite a bit of understanding but need to increase their fluency and vocabulary.

Speaking of vocabulary, check out tinycards.duolingo.com as a great tool for test prep. And there is also the Duolingo podcast -- this is a great option for older Dual kids as the stories tend to be a little more mature and not as upbeat and entertaining as an elementary kid would like.

No matter the Duolingo product you're using, they are easy to access and fun to use, making it perfect for Dual Language learners of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. And the Duolingo mission is something that we can certainly get behind: To make learning new languages simple and accessible to all.

Globally, the need for multilingual abilities is going to continue to grow, and Duolingo is unwavering in its desire to make quality language instruction free. No fees, no premiums, just great education at no charge.

And keeping Duolingo free is vital. Having language courses available with their enormous reach could make or break the ability to learn for so many people. As of October 2018, they reportedly had 300 million users. That’s 300 million individuals, widening their world view, attempting to empathize with inter-culture differences, and boosting their brain. This is huge! What would it mean on a broad scale should that number continue to grow? We truly believe that the more multilingualism in the world the better. Duolingo is making that development a possibility.

To try Duolingo for yourself, you can download the app onto your Android or Apple mobile device. From there you set up a profile, note your goals, and off you go to expand your mind, gain additional social skills, and awaken new abilities through the power of language.

Do you have any other language learning apps that you enjoy? Let us know!