Awesome YouTube channels for Dual Kids of All Ages

NOTICE: It has recently been reported that YouTube may be illegally collecting data on children under 13. Each family will have to make a choice for themselves what this means to them. If you choose to allow your children to continue using YouTube, check out this great article from Common Sense Media that covers everything a parent needs to know about YouTube.

Videos are a great way to improve both vocabulary and comprehension. I know we're always trying to manage screen time, but in my view Spanish language screen time is education time so long as they are not already 100% fluent!

Before we jump into the channels, you first need to know that YouTube has two great tools to help your child love watching videos in Spanish:

1 - Speed

Did you know you can slow down the speed of replay for most YouTube videos? I was thrilled when I discovered this. It's a great option for kiddos still building vocabulary and comprehension skills. You can take speed down to as low as 0.25 (I believe that means at 25% of the recorded speed) but if they need to go lower than 50% for the entire video, then maybe try another video. They might lose interest if it's really that slow.

2 - Closed caption

Obviously this is a tool for kiddos that are already reading. Most videos have the option for closed caption which is another great bridge for those still building vocabulary or have difficulty understanding the content. This is especially helpful for those videos produced in Latin American countries that have different accents than they are used to hearing. Be advised though: Spanish-language videos often have auto-generated captions and they are not 100% perfect. Talk to your kiddo about this in advance so they are not thrown off.

Ok, off to YouTube!

Pre-K to 1st grade

Peppa Pig in Spanish

If your kiddo is already watching Peppa Pig, then this is a good one to transition them to in Spanish.

Spanish Playground

They don't have a ton of videos, but the Habla Jorge series are great. He speaks slowly and uses a lot of props.

2nd - 4th grade

CNTV Infantil

Cool channel with over 400 videos. There are videos in various levels, so encourage your child to find a playlist that fits for them. One that has worked for us: Cuentame un cuento. It has interesting stories, captions are mostly good, and the speed isn't too fast.

Renata y las matematicas

Very cute series about a young girl solving problems with math. Good lessons and all in Spanish. Win, win.

5th grade - 8th grade


This one is pretty advanced, but great content nonetheless. Think of it like the amazing Ted Ed videos that I really hope you've already discovered.

Habias Pensado

Also advanced, this is similar to Curiosamente and in the theme of the TedEd videos. Some topics are more appropriate for the older kids (such as the science behind marijuana) but the content is addressed from an educational POV.

Have you found any other channels that you'd recommend? Let us know how it goes with these!