©2017 Dual Language Family

Thank you for sharing in your journey with us!

I believe strongly that our collective movement towards bilingualism, biliteracy, and biculturalism is raising a generation of culturally savvy and globally sensitive kids that will one day change the world! 

We are a happy family of four with two daughters that are Spanish Dual Language learners, a husband that is working on his Spanish fluency, and me! 


I grew up in a Spanish-speaking household, learning English at school, and now am fully bilingual.  Actually, I admint that I am now English dominant even if I sometimes still dream in Spanish, so my love for Spanish is strong. :)


Once my own children were ready for school, I was thrilled to find a Dual Language program right at our zoned campus.  Six years later - here we are!  Thriving in English and in Spanish.


We have learned so much thru this process and found so much value in the Dual Language community at our own school.  That led me to create this community and try to replicate my own experience with Dual Language Families across the country.


Join us and share in the fun, the tough, and the totally worth it!


Hasta pronto!


Love, Kathy